Apr. 26th, 2008 11:55 pm
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Hey Flist,

You were probably just sitting around bored, hoping someone would give you some challenges, right?

Round 10 (complete with threesome options!) at [ profile] kkm_challenge. Due tomorrow evening, Sunday at 9pm EST.

Week 53 (complete with mullet options!) at [ profile] kkm_itest. Due Friday at 10pm CST.

Round 4 (friends only banners) at [ profile] kkm_media. Due April 30 at midnight.

And it isn't one of mine, but [ profile] kkm_tarot could use some love on the last few prompts.

Okay, I'm glad I could help with that craving you clearly had. Yep. Good deed for the day...
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In the last month I've changed jobs, moved, lost the internet temporarily, lost the harddrive in one computer and the motherboard in the other. Needless to say, I've been a bit behind on the world of fandom. I'm trying to catch up now although I'm still dealing with some of the issues.

Anyway, my point is that if there is anything you need me to be acting upon in a modly fashion at any of my communities ([ profile] kkm_challenge, [ profile] kkm_itest, [ profile] kkm_media, [ profile] the_daily_maou, [ profile] omg_kkm, and [ profile] omg_fandom) or you've noticed I'm behind in some other capacity even if it is just voting/submitting somewhere I usually do, feel free to comment here to let me know. I may not get to everything, but a to do list is always helpful. I'll go ahead and screen comments.

Also, we could really use votes at [ profile] kkm_challenge, so please head on over there if you enjoy KKM.
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[ profile] crystaltear and I have started [ profile] kkm_challenge, a bi-weekly Kyou Kara Maou fanfiction/fanart challenge, which is now open for round 1.

So join! And if you see anything that needs to be fixed or clarified or you just have some great ideas for it, let me know! ♥

(Sorry for anyone who sees some cross-posting of this.)


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