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[ profile] kkm_challenge could reeeeeally use some votes. 7 in fact. We need to get 20 votes on Round 17: The Ultimate KKM Challenge voting and we are only at 13.

*Makes with the cute face at the flist.* So, voting, yes? You know you waaaaaant to! There is molestation in it for you! Don't even try to tell me that isn't the best offer you've heard all week!

And if you'd like to vote for Round 18 too that would be cool. Or even submit something to Round 19.

Thanks, love you much!
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I just wanted to put up the banners I've received over at [ profile] kkm_challenge.

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[ profile] kkm_itest's winning banners
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I you haven't joined in THE ULTIMATE KKM CHALLENGE yet, you should! So far I'm really pleased with the response we've had!

Personally, I'm a little ahead of the game, because I'm going to have company the last two weeks of the challenge, so I'm trying to get it done before that. Here's hoping I can keep up the momentum! I'm very determined to do all 28 fics. And I'm trying to do as many as possible as actual pairings (sexual or romantic.) ^_~

At some point I'll probably be cross-posting all these fics over here, but for now, links!

Edit: Finished!

My Conrad x ____ entries )
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[ profile] crystaltear and I have started [ profile] kkm_challenge, a bi-weekly Kyou Kara Maou fanfiction/fanart challenge, which is now open for round 1.

So join! And if you see anything that needs to be fixed or clarified or you just have some great ideas for it, let me know! ♥

(Sorry for anyone who sees some cross-posting of this.)


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